About Us

Churchfields Medical practice and the Primary Health Care Team aim to provide a wide range of up to date medical services. To provide this service we need the cooperation of our patients at all times.

We expect all our patients to abide by the following terms & conditions:

  • Be polite towards all doctors, nurse and members of staff
  • Avoid using emergency appointments, requests for visits and out of hours services except when absolutely necessary
  • Respect the needs of other patients who may delay the doctor or nurse
  • Recognise the limits of our expertise (e.g. we are not dentists or opticians)
  • Treat our premises with respect
  • Keep us informed of changes in name, address or telephone number.

WE WILL NOT TOLERATE VERBAL ABUSE OR VIOLENCE OF ANY KIND. Any patient who is abusive or violent will be removed from the practice list of registered patients. All incidents of violence will be reported to the police.