Email Communication

Use of Email to Communicate With Patients

Churchfields Medical practice is committed to offering email as a form of communication of non-clinical information for patients who choose this.

Limited information will be sent to patients via email. The following list covers the information that may be sent electronically.

  1. Annual recalls for health checks for patients in eligible categories
  2. Requests to contact the practice after test results
  3. Requests to contact the practice after telephone attempts have failed
  4. Invitations to participate in patient surveys
  5. Health promotion information to targeted groups (e.g. information about cancer screening programmes to patients in eligible age groups, flu clinic date to eligible patients)
  6. Urgent information about the practice as part of the contingency plan – for example an unforeseen closure due to fire

This is currently a one-way service, and the practice is not able to respond to email received from patients, outside the opportunities for e-communication provided on the practice website.

To consent for the practice to contact you in this way, please download the form and return it to the practice.